Spicy hot join to tell you the general promotion of spicy hot join

2019-12-04 09:10:07

Spicy hot join to tell you the general promotion of spicy hot join

As a special food in Sichuan, Mala Tang has been loved by many consumers for its unique (interpretation: unique, special) taste. Many entrepreneurs now pay attention to the Mala Tang joining this project, but they are uncomfortable because they do not know how to operate. So Mala Tang joins here to share with you the various operating methods of Mala Tang joining.

With the continuous improvement of people's lives, Mala Tang is accompanied by the growth of many people. Today, people who eat Mala Tang are not necessarily hungry. Maybe they are lonely or unloved. Look for the familiar flavor that was once familiar with these consumptions. Consumers need different promotion methods to respond to the hot and spicy needs, then let ’s take a look at the more practical Xiaojun liver hot and spicy joining promotion methods.

What are the practical promotion methods for Xiaojun Liver and Mala Tang?

, New user preference (preferential). There are several ways to promote Mala Tang in daily life, but the preferred method for new users is Baishang Bailing. For consumers (Consumer) customers, we can use WeChat to pay half price or send one. Half-price vouchers, which are equivalent to one free time, such a huge discount can attract a lot of people.

Second, fun wish walls. The promotion of the hot and spicy store can be promoted outside the store, but it can also be promoted in the store. For example, it can be made in the store to avoid the fun wish wall. Customers who come to shop can leave their wishes or blessings on the wall. The Mala Tang store uses the public account to randomly extract wishes and release them to help customers complete their wishes.

What are the practical promotion methods for Xiaojun Liver and Mala Tang?

Third, the promotion of local network channels. With the development of network information, the channels through which people receive information now basically rely on the Internet. Therefore, the promotion of spicy hot shops also needs to keep pace with the times. To communicate information to consumers through the Internet, you can use Weibo ( (MicroBlog), WeChat circle of friends, WeChat group, public account or local forums and takeaway platforms to promote the information of Mala Tang stores, especially takeaway platforms. Nowadays, young people are eager to take delivery through this channel. The promotion effect will be much better.

The above-mentioned aspects of Xiaojungan Mala Tang joined these are some of the more practical Mala Tang promotion methods shared today. In fact, there are many ways to do promotion in life. These are just a few of them. There are also promotions through services, Although the poster and leaflet method is more traditional, it is very effective and can be done in a small range. There are many methods. The key (explanation: an important part of figurative things) depends on how to use it. I hope today ’s sharing can be useful to everyone. Helped.

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