Spicy hot join to tell you how to prepare a spicy hot shop

2019-12-01 09:10:16

Spicy hot join to tell you how to prepare a spicy hot shop

Mala Tang is a very popular project in the current market, so it is also very attractive for entrepreneurs. However, many entrepreneurs have not been exposed to the catering industry, and the path is not clear. The Mala Tang franchise is a professional Mala Tang franchise. Here we will analyze the preparations before the Mala Tang shop opens.

The Mala Tang market has been very popular these two years, so many entrepreneurs want to join the venture. Mala Tang has attracted a lot of attention as a special Mala Tang franchise. After Mala Tang joined, it is not all right, and there are many things to pay attention to.

For the Mala Tang franchise fee, there are three types of franchise programs. Investors (meaning: accumulation of future income) can choose the method of joining according to their own funds and strength, but no matter which franchise method, the Mala Tang franchise fee is only Need about 10,000 yuan. Although the schemes are different, the assistance from the headquarters is the same. Therefore, the Mala Tang franchise has been recognized by the investment (meaning: the accumulation of future income).

What problems should I pay attention to when joining Mala Tang?

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry in food and beverage (experience), the Mala Tang franchise summarized the four issues that need to be paid attention to when opening a Mala Tang franchise?

Shop location

Mala Tang belongs to the category of snacks, so shops should be located in places with large populations, such as food streets, pedestrian streets, parks, residential areas, etc., so as to protect the source of customers.

Reasonable pricing

Now it is a snack, so the price should not be too high. You can go to the local market to fully understand its consumption level before pricing the dishes in the store. Therefore, set the price of the store's products. First, prevent consumers from accepting higher prices. Second, the price is too low to reduce itself.

What problems should I pay attention to when joining Mala Tang?

Pre-opening propaganda

The pre-opening publicity must be advanced, combining online and offline, and increasing the exposure rate to increase the degree.


Mala Tang is a snack as well as a service industry, and the service industry also focuses on service. Therefore, pay attention to quality when recruiting staff and conduct comprehensive and systematic training (function: knowledge transfer, skill transfer, standard transfer) before opening. Customers provide better service.

The above four points are the four things to do when opening a Mala Tang franchise store, while others do not need to worry too much, because after Mala Tang joins, it will bring delicious Mala Tang to your store.

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